Here's an article about us that was published in the May 2014 issue of Vitamin Retailer Magazine!

Behind The Counter

 Behind the Counter is a monthly column profiling successful natural product retailers.

Built by Customers
Kathy Winniford, owner of Parkway Health Foods, grew up in a family that was focused on natural health. “My dad and mom were always interested in health,” Winniford said. “As children, we grew up with seeing a naturopathic doctor and a chiropractor, which in those days in the 50s and 60s wasn’t necessarily the main thing people did.”

The family turned their love of health into a career change when Winniford’s father decided he was ready for something new after farming for twenty years. The family purchased a health food store and went from daily farm life to living and breathing retail. “[My parents] were always in a stage of learning and immersed themselves rapidly,” she said. At the time, Winniford was in college, but would come home to help in the store during her summer vacations.